Future Books

These are the stories that are in the writing or planning stages.

Knight Vision

I'm in the middle of the first draft of Gideon McKnight's story. As you may recall, Gideon has a touch of the second sight, but it doesn't always work to his advantage. Especially when he meets Skyler who has a grudge against psychics who she knows are all frauds.


White Knight

Ezra is the McKnight who got away. He's living in the Big Apple, working for his aunt, Esther McKnight, at her modeling agency. It's not always easy for a country boy in the big city.


Tarnished Knight

Lots of folks have said they want Daisy's story. I understand. She's a little firecracker. What's she going to do when the boy she was so crazy about in high school comes back to town? Well, the obvious of course. She's going to ignore the hell out of him.


Untitled McKnight

The ladies have always like Jake McKnight, but eventually, he runs into someone who resists his charming ways.