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This is me.

Well, not me today.

I've always been camera shy. No doubt it's a self-image thing. I look back at old pictures of me (the few that exist) and I think, "Hey, I wasn't half bad." But at the time--once I got to the point where I cared--I wasn't impressed.  And I know exactly why. It was the hair. Yup, you see those cute curls on my head? Those are natural. And like most people with naturally curly hair, when there was the slightest bit of humidity in the air, my hair goes Boeing! and gets all frizzy.

Yeah. Still not me today.

But we're getting closer.

And trust me. No one thinks frizzy is a good look.

How I wished I had straight, smooth hair. I'd have happily griped about how it wouldn't hold a curl. Well, maybe not happily because, if I'd had straight hair, I wouldn't have understood the frizzy-haired curse of curly hair.  (There's really no way to win with these paradoxes.)

Yes, there are ways to straighten curly hair, but none of them last, and all of them carry the risk of frying your hair. (Been there, done that.) Crisp hair isn't much better than frizzy hair.

It really is hard to have a good self-image with all the emphasis our world puts on appearance. And of course, how many places have I read the equivalent of "a woman's hair is her crowning glory"? I can tell you it was often enough that a frizzy haired day made me not want to leave the house.

Eventually, things got better (sadly, too late for my self esteem) when I found a haircut that worked with how my hair wanted to curl.

Still not a current picture, but it's the best we're going to get for now.

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