All's Fair



Rodeo cowboy Sol McKnight would rather face an angry one ton bull than his angry ex-wife. That doesn't mean he's going to let some new guy have a clear playing field.

The Story Behind the Story

I'm not a short story writer, but when I was writing A Dark & Stormy Knight, Claudia started telling this story about the dirty trick Sol had once pulled to drive off a guy she was dating. The event had happened some time before the start of A Dark & Stormy Knight but I found myself wanting to tell the story because, even with Claudia complaining about it, it sounded like a hoot. I'm so glad I gave into temptation because, this is often a new reader's introduction to the McKnight family.


This is the spot on every page where an excerpt of the book is featured, except this is a short story and I give it away. If you'd like to read it on your ebook device or even own a physical book, you can follow the links here. But the whole story is also available here.

All's Fair

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